Maeng Da Kratom

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Maeng Da Kratom

Table of Contents

OG Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom is a premium blend type of Kratom utilizing two strains grown in two different areas in Borneo, Indonesia. The term ‘Maeng Da’ derives from the Thai term for ‘pimp-grade’ and it’s commonly used to denote a superior or more potent type of Kratom.

Maeng Da Kratom's Processing

All of our Kratom goes through a long but rather basic process to get it from Indonesia to you. First off, all Kratom is picked by experienced farmers, washed, and then set up to be dried. Depending on the strain, Maeng Da Kratom can be dried in various different ways which we will discuss on an individual strain basis below. After the drying process is completed to the specifications of the strain it is ground into a fine nanopowder. Kratom in the nanopowder form gives it an overall better experience and helps prevents a gritty, sand-like texture that is unpleasant. 

Once OG Botanicals receives the Kratom it goes through an extensive four-hour long pasteurization process that heats it up to at least 160°F. This destroys all potential bacterial contaminants that could possibly be present. 

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular strains of Kratom on the market and is a common first choice for Kratom beginners. Because the term ‘Maeng Da’ just means pimp grade each vendor can have widely different kinds of Maeng Da strains from each other. Our Green Maeng Da strain consists of Kratom grown in the Mentebah and Jongkong areas of Borneo. 

OG Botanicals Green Meang Da goes through a basic two-step drying process like all of our Green Vein strains that helps it keep the integrity of most Alkaloids with minimal changes to the alkaloid profile. First, it is dried indoors for around thirty hours in a controlled environment. This is key because too much sun exposure can drastically change the alkaloid profile and discolor it. After it is dried indoors it gets one hour of outdoor drying in direct sunlight. This helps finish up the drying process and helps it lock in the alkaloid profile without drastically changing it.

White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a ‘pimp-grade’ blend of White Vein Kratom from the Jongkong and Telok Aur areas of Borneo, Indonesia. This blend results in a strain that can help promote a moderate energy boost that is helpful for working long and laborious hours. 

The Kratom leaves that are used in White Maeng Da go through a special drying process compared to most of our other White Vein strains. This essentially consists of rotating it in and out of outdoor drying. During the morning it is set out to dry in direct sunlight for two to three hours and after that, it gets rotated back to dry in a controlled indoor environment. This process is repeated for three days until it is completely dried and ready to be ground into a fine nanopowder. Unlike the Green Maeng Da this strain has the stems or “bones” ground in with it which are theorized to contain a different alkaloid profile than the leaf part.

Red Maeng Da

Our Red Maeng Da is a unique blend of unfermented and fermented Red Vein strains that bridges the gap between the two types. The fermented type is grown in Jongkong and the unfermented type is grown in the Nibung region which are both located in Borneo, Indonesia. This combination results in a strain that can be taken pretty much anytime to help improve your overall well-being.

The fermented and non-fermented leaves have different drying methods which are done to achieve a certain alkaloid profile. The fermented component of this strain is sun-dried in special fermentation bags for one day, after that it is moved indoors to finish up the drying process so it doesn’t become too fermented like a Bentuangie strain. The unfermented part of this strain is dried in the morning sun for a couple of hours and then moved indoors to finish. 

Super Maeng Da

Super Maeng Da is a unique 70/30 blend of ‘pimp-grade’ Green and White Vein Kratom strains that are cultivated in the Boyan and Putussibau regions of West Kalimantan, Borneo. This blend is for those who want to find a fine balance between Green and White Kratom. It can help promote a mild sense of energy and enhance your mood. It is excellent for helping get through day-to-day activities and hard physical labor. 

Green Vein and White Vein strains have a similar drying process but the Green has the stems or ‘bones’ removed while the White Vein is ground together with those. The Green Vein component of this blend gets dried for 30 hours in a controlled indoor environment and then it is dried outdoors in the early morning sun for an hour. The White Vein part has the same indoor drying process but it doesn’t get the additional hour of sun drying and like we mentioned above the “bones” are mixed with it.

Maeng Da Bali

Maeng Da Bali is essentially just a blend of the two most well know Kratom strains, Green Maeng Da and Red Bali Kratom. Both strains consist of blends of Kratom grown in separate regions of Borneo so it offers a more broad spectrum and diverse array of alkaloids compared to most of our other strains.

The Red Bali component of this strain is fermented blend of Kratom from Jongkong and Boyan, Borneo located in West Kalimantan. This strain gets lightly fermented by putting it in special bags for two days indoors. After that it is then moved outdoors to dry in the direct sunlight for a few hours.

As stated above the Green Maeng Da part of this strain gets dried in a indoor controlled environment for around thirty hours. Once that is complete it gets moved outdoors in the early morning sun to dry for another hour to finish it up.


Maeng Da Kratom
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